What would a spotless NYC look like?

With autonomous vehicles (AVs) on the horizon, some people speculate New York City won't need as much parking in the future. Explore scenarios for how New York could reuse these parking lots.

Note: Data was gathered from NYC's PLUTO dataset and it's parking lot dataset which are not always accurate or up-to-date. Also, development scenarios don't take into account zoning regulations, but only the available F.A.R. as determined from the PLUTO dataset.

We found 4 types of off-street parking in NYC.

surface parking

surface parking

surface parking

accessory parking

surface parking

standalone garage

surface parking

in-building parking

What if we made every parking lot a park?

There would be 8 thousand acres of new park in NYC, or almost 8 new Central Parks.

What if we build housing on every parking lot?

There would be 3.1 million new apartments in NYC. That would almost double the housing stock!

What do you think NYC's parking lots should be used for?

Create your own scenarios!

Use the slider below to create your own unique future scenarios. Click on indivual parking lots to learn more about them.

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